Residencial Condor Mallorca
Condor Mallorca

Construction and equipment description


concrete work

  • Foundations, floor slabs and columns in reinforced concrete. Concrete, steel qualities and dimensions as specified by the architect and structural engineer


  • Floor slabs as ribbed reinforced concrete slabs, created with Eurorip ceiling elements made of NEOPOR and cast-in-place concrete. Ribs, concrete and reinforcement according to the specifications of the architect and structural engineer.

Multi-shell exterior walls - contemporary technology for a special indoor climate

  • Outside: Highly thermally insulated building shell in NEOPOR (Ground Floor: 15cm, First to Third Floor: 25cm)
  • Core: Filled reinforced concrete wall with reinforced concrete columns, according to planning. Concrete and reinforcement according to the specifications of the architect and structural engineer
  • Inside living rooms: Inner shell in NEOPOR (approx. 5cm), plastered.
    Inside bathrooms or installation-guiding walls: Inner shell in NEOPOR (approx. 5cm) and additional pre-wall in drywall, double planked with integrated insulation (Rockwool), dimensions according to planning. The inner shell is used as an installation level

Apartment partitions walls

  • Apartment partitions walls that do not also belong to the multi-layer outer wall (between the apartment and the elevator) are designed as concrete walls of appropriate thickness for reasons of sound insulation. Dimension according to plan..
  • Apartment inside: inner shell in NEOPOR (approx. 5 cm), plastered like the rest of the walls.

Balconies and terraces

  • Balcony parapet "half-walled" to accommodate vertically mounted photovoltaic panels. Stainless steel railing above. Design according to the architect's specifications.

Attic / flat roof

  • Flat roof as an inverted roof design: roof seal in liquid plastic under highly thermally insulated NEOPOR layer and tiled base layer, for the installation of photovoltaic panels and individual heat pumps. First sealing level also in liquid plastic between base layer and tiles.
  • Access via retractable stairs, housed in the top ceiling of the stairwell

Staircase - stairs and elevator

  • Staircases in reinforced concrete
  • Staircase handrails and fall protection in stainless steel
  • Staircase to the basement with access to the technical rooms: technical room for the elevator, technical room for the swimming pool, domestic water pumps, water tank, storerages

  • Elevator with 4 stops, from Ground floor (01) to Third Floor (3)
  • Elevator interior higher design (stainless steel)

Outside area - community pool

  • Pool tub in shotcrete, surface water drainage via perimeter draining system, floor drain, connection for manual pool cleaning or pool cleaning robot
  • Pool inner walls tiled with Gresite pool tiles multicolored blue/green and equipped with underwater lighting and complete pool filter and water treatment technology
  • Entry via stainless steel ladder with corresponding handrail

Exterior - property wall

  • Enclosing wall along the entire street frontage (C/Condor and C/Falco) as a half-height wall with fence panels in a modern, darker panel design
  • Pedestrian entrance portal, 2 wings with doorbell and mailbox system
  • Entrance gate (roller gate on the side), electric motor operated with remote control
  • Door for rubbish bin depot on the street side as well as on the garden side


interior walls

  • Metal stud walls with integrated insulation (“Rockwool”), double-clad with “Pladur” panels on both sides. For reasons of soundproofing, a noise barrier ("Danofono") is incorporated between the double planking on the outer side of the wall (seen from the bedrooms) with double planking.
  • Appropriate “Pladur hidrofugo” damp-proof panels are used in damp rooms (bathrooms, washrooms). Dimensions according to plan.

Plastering works

  • Outside: Fine ready-made plaster colored on ETICS, coloring according to the architect's specifications, Ground Floor grey, First Floor to Third Floor white
  • Inside: Filled and sanded smooth

Windows and Terrace doors

  • High-quality plastic windows and plastic patio doors "Made in Germany" with thermal separation to avoid thermal bridges, various seals, color outside anthracite / inside white
  • 3-pane insulating glazing
  • Electrically operated roller shutters with attachment roller shutter boxes on all windows and balcony doors
  • Professional installation according to RAL

Front door - entrance into the building

  • Plastic front door with security frame
  • Security lock with multi-point locking
  • Lever protection
  • Glass panels with safety glass
  • Fittings, door handles and lock covers in stainless steel

Apartment entrance door

  • Apartment entrance door with security frame
  • Security lock with multi-point locking
  • Lever protection
  • Front door spy
  • Fittings, door handles and lock covers in stainless steel

Inner doors

  • Wooden interior doors with corresponding door frames (modern design) and sealing rubber, door handle and lock. Door leaf and frame in white or grey, fittings (visible, German model) and door handle in brushed aluminium

Apartment floors

  • Floor structure decoupled by "floating" screed: without a fixed connection to the concrete floor and without a fixed connection to the walls
  • Covered with modern, high-quality tile material (material price EUR 30/m² incl. VAT)
  • Corresponding base (height approx. 7cm). Permanently elastic joint between the floor covering and the base to continue the impact sound decoupling.
  • Balcony and terrace floors covered with modern, light-colored tiles (light grey)

Wall tiles

  • Bathrooms: wall tiles covered with modern, high-quality tile material (material price EUR 30/m² incl. VAT), room-high.
  • Kitchen: Wall covering as a splash guard between the worktop and wall units covered with modern, high-quality tile material or decorative glass (material price EUR 30/m² incl. VAT)

Painting work

  • All painting work on walls and ceilings in white

Sanitary installations

  • Sanitary Water in hygienic alu composite pipe and waste water pipes in insulated plastic pipe
  • Hot water via electric HW-heater with integrated water tank (aprox. 100L / installed in the wall cabinet of the washroom/bathroom 2)

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning

  • Ventilation system with heat recovery.
  • Underfloorheating in entire apartment with individual room control via room thermostats. Heat generation via heat pump.
  • Room cooling (water system) in living room and bedrooms through pipe installation, connected to the existing heat pump. fancoils installed in the suspended ceiling, individual thermostats in all cooled rooms.

Electrical installation photovoltaic system - house community

  • Photovoltaic system with an output of approx. 6kWp for self-use of the generated solar power within the communal house system (stairwell, lift system, pool filter technology, etc.) as well as for feeding the electricity not consumed by the local power grid operator. Installation without power storage!

Electrical installation photovoltaic system - individually

  • Individual photovoltaic system with an output of approx. 6kWp per apartment for self-use of the generated solar power and for feeding the electricity not consumed by the local power grid operator. Installation without power storage!

Electrical installation

  • Radio/TV socket (terrestrial and satellite TV) and data connection socket (LAN) in the living/dining room and in the bedrooms
  • Telephone and internet socket in the apartment entrance area
  • Sockets and light switches according to electrical planning
  • Balcony and terrace lighting according to electrical planning
  • Switch range in a modern design, color white; Brand: Jung, modell: LS990
  • Intercom system with door opener and video function (property gate and front door)
  • Preparation (empty installation pipe) for any later individual car charging station (wall box) at each car parking space.

Equipment bedrooms

  • Built-in cupboards in the bedrooms (see floor plan), with wood and/or wood/mirror doors, including interior with drawers, shelves, clothes rail(s)

Equipment kitchen

  • Moderne fitted kitchen with electrical appliences (glas ceramic hob, ove, extractor, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, microwave)

Equipment bathrooms

  • Ceramic washbasins from the brand Duravit with single-lever mixer tap from the brand GROHE
  • Mirror above the washbasins, size matching the washbasin
  • Toilets as wallhanging modell (Duravit) and concealed water cistern (Geberit), toilet seat and lid made of plastic (white, soft-close)
  • Floor-level shower (barrier-free, drain and seal integrated in the floor) with overhead shower, hand shower with flexible hose and wall-mounted sliding bar, single-lever mixer tap (GROHE brand) with diverter from overhead to hand shower. Shower enclosure in clear safety glass with stainless steel fittings.

Outdoor area

  • Paved floors in the entire car drive and parking area in drainage-capable material (lawn pavers)
  • Pedestrian path from the property pedestrian gate to the house entrance as a paved path, non-slip tiled
  • Flooring of the covered parking spaces is tiled to prevent slipping
  • Open garden area as a flat lawn area with garden irrigation for lawn and other intended planting
  • Property enclosing walls on 3 sides (along the streets C/Condor and C/Falco as well as along the wall to the neighboring house in the south) planted with ground bushes (young plants), also ground bushes (young plants) between the pool and the building as well as to separate the community and private garden of the garden apartment


Special requests can be taken into account as long as they do not endanger the progress of the construction of the building, which has advanced up to that point.

Changes to the building description or construction and equipment execution during construction are possible, insofar as these changes improve the value of the construction project

In the event of purchase, the actual state of the building and equipment at the time of purchase is part of the contract, even if it deviates significantly from the description of the building and equipment.

In principle, model images and visualizations only serve to provide a better understanding of the planning at hand. Furnishings, equipment, wall coverings, plants and other representations that are not listed in the building description are not part of the scope of services, but can be ordered at extra cost.

Mallorca, 2024-march-01
Previous building descriptions hereby lose their validity.

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