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Use of renewable energies

Photovoltaics: solar energy power plant on the roof for your own power supply

Environmentally friendly energy from regenerative sources is now indispensable in new buildings.
Photovoltaic systems in particular, which use sunlight to generate electricity, play a very special role here. The technology has been mature for many years and is a "must" for every Low-Energy House due to the ever-lower acquisition costs!

With a photovoltaic system, the Low-Energy and Passive House is only really "coherent"

The highly thermally insulated, airtight and thermal bridge-free building shell with triple-glazed windows and controlled ventilation via an efficient central ventilation system with an installed heat exchanger for heat recovery from the exhaust air keep the required operating energy in the Low-Energy-House low.
The installed photovoltaic system provides exactly this required operating energy in a cost-effective and climate-neutral way!

Generated from renewable sources in a climate-friendly manner, electricity has become a prime energy source in the heating market, and its importance is continuing to increase. With solar modules and electricity storage systems becoming cheaper and cheaper, electrical heating systems for Low-Energy and Passive Houses are an attractive solution for heat supply, which allow a high self-consumption rate of the self-generated electricity.
In this way, heating with electricity is absolutely up-to-date again.